Welcome to Raejoyce

Hi, I’m Rae! Welcome to Raejoyce. Maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea(I like both!), find a comfy spot, and join me in this journey of living fearlessly, recognizing our belovedness, and finding joy. It’s going to be messy, sometimes crazy, and most definitely a process, but I’m so excited that you’ve stumbled into this blog I like to call Raejoyce. If you’re curious about the title, who I am as a person, or what the purpose of this blog is, head over to the About page. I really want ┬áthis to be a little safe haven on the web, so if you have any prayer requests or wanna share your thoughts, feel free to fill out a form on the Contact Me page. And if you find that we’re on the same wavelength, be sure to follow my blog so that you can stay connected.

I’m so excited to get to know you and walk hand in hand in this!